Spill Clean-Up

Northeast recognizes the emotional impact that cellar spills have on homeowners. Although seldom front page news, cellar spills often pose the most complex remediation challenges. Northeast combines its contractor expertise with its environmental capabilities to remediate the impacted area, rebuild the cellar and to return the homeowner to their pre-spill life. Our full range of capabilities allows Northeast to close projects quickly and return the homeowner to pre-spill conditions.

Northeast also recognizes and appreciates the enormous cost liability to insurance companies caused by cellar spills. Accordingly, Northeast moves quickly to remediate the residential site and restore the area to it's pre-spill condition. This level of response and committement to project closure reduces the level of anxiety often felt by homeowners. Northeast believes that its attention to project detail, starting during the emergency response and continuing through final reconstruction, has differentiated it from the traditional environmental emergency response contractor. This approach often results in the reduced cost of insurance claims. Insurance companies and their field representatives have recognized the value added by Northeast in its approach to residential cellar spills.
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