Health and Saftety Program

The Northeast Health and Safety Program is embodied in a document consisting of policies and standard operating procedures. The policies are consistent with those published by OSHA, the API, and local authorities. The Standard Operating Procedures direct our employees behavior with respect to full compliance with those polices.

Notheast believes that it elevates health and safety to the highest of priorities. This process is started during new employee orientation and continues throughout each employee's career at Northeast. We believe that the policies and standard operating procedures contained within the Northeast Health and Safety Manual, must not only be learned by our employees, but fully integrated into their thought process and daily approach to their work. Health and saftey at Northeast is not only a condition of employment but at the very foundation of our company culture.

The pages that follow represent the table of content contained within the Northeast Health and Safety Manual. Upon client request, the entire chapter can be provided.

Health & Safety Policies
Table of Contents
  1. Health & Safety Program Plan

  2. Company Safety Policies and Procedures

  3. General Safety Rules

  4. Hazard Communication

  5. Medical Surveillance Program

  6. Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogen

  7. HAZWOPER Plan

  8. Accident Reporting and Investigation Plan

  9. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  10. Respiratory Protection Program

  11. Permit Required Confined Space Entry Program

  12. Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)

  13. Excavation Procedures Plan

  14. Fall Protection Program

  15. Company Audit/Inspections Program

  16. Health & Safety Committee Program

  17. Road Work Area Protection Program

  18. Contractor Safety Program

  19. Hearing Coversation Program

  20. Asbestos Safety Program

  21. Hot Work Procedure

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