Selective / Full Demolition

Full building take downs seldom pose environmental challenges. Consequently, those projects are performed at highly competitive prices. Selective demolition projects, on the other hand, often carry their share of environmental risks and challenges. Those projects require discipline, careful planning and precise project execution. Northeast combines its environmental and construction capabilities to perform selective demolition projects safely, cost effectively and to the satisfaction of its valued clients. When Northeast is confronted with an unforseen environmental challenge in the course of performing a selective demolition project, its experienced crew can switch gears quickly. This capability ensures that the project remains on schedule and that costs are contained appropriately.

The demolition of oil terminal tanks and apparatus pose a unique set of environmental and safety challenges. Northeast combines the best in environmental saftety methodologies and demolition technologies in order to meet those challenges. Northeast recognizes and appreciates the high standard of service and commitment to saftety which is required by major oil companies. Northeast goes to great lengths to ensure that those standards are consistently met and never compromised. This committment has differenciated Northeast from many traditional demolition companies.
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